Mini Horse Trainers was founded by Leslie Cook, a lifetime horseback rider who has been a horse trainer and riding instructor since 1999.  She has taught hundreds of students over the years with much success.  Leslie now has 4 kids of her own, who are all horse-crazy.  For years, Leslie always praised her students for being good little (or mini) horse trainers as they learn to control their horses and ponies with kind and assertive leadership.  Leslie's kids love to help teach and are always making their own videos, and all the ideas combined to make Mini Horse Trainers.  "Mini" because kids are mini-adults and they can help train horses under guidance, and "mini" because we will be training miniature horses and other ponies too!  Leslie's kids below with their ponies "Giddy Up" and "Melody".  April 1, 2018

What The Mini Horse Trainers Do

We will be consistently making structured educational videos, as well as videos of our horse and pony training adventures.  We offer weekly riding lessons at our facility in Enumclaw, WA.  As well as clinics, horsemanship classes and camps.  
*We want to tour and offer our teaching at your farm!  Please contact us for how to set up a clinic or lessons at your barn, near or far!*